How to choose underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-10
Underwear, also known as one-piece underwear, is made of microfiber material, formed from the cup to the strap in one piece, with no seams and no traces, and there will be no embarrassment of exposed steel rings. At the same time, the pressure of the cups on the chest is eliminated, and various coats can be matched with confidence. These advantages make one-piece underwear more and more favored and sought after by female consumers. So in daily life, how should women correctly choose the one-piece underwear that suits them? First of all, it is not recommended to buy thicker chest pads when choosing a piece of underwear. Nowadays, many plump underwear on the market have added thick pads for beauty, which will actually compress the chest fat. Although it can deepen the cleavage and create a plump effect, it is easy to cause the chest fat to be squeezed out to both sides, which will cause the chest to lose shape over time. There is even a side effect of the auxiliary milk. Secondly, when choosing a one-piece underwear, you must pay attention that the steel ring inside the underwear must fasten the bottom of the chest. If the bottom of the bust is more than 2 cm away from the bottom of the chest, long-term wear will cause the chest to sag. A good-quality one-piece underwear will add a soft stick on the side to form a double-lock effect with the invisible steel ring, which can fix the fat and prevent it from sliding to both sides. Many female consumers also encounter the phenomenon that the shoulder straps of the underwear will run up during the daily wearing process, which makes the whole chest look ugly and embarrassing. The lower girdle that is too upward is easy to tighten the muscles, which is not conducive to normal development. Therefore, when choosing a one-piece underwear, consumers must check whether the bottoms of the front and rear panels of the underwear are in the same horizontal position. If not, it is not recommended for everyone to buy. The steel rings used in poor quality one-piece underwear are mostly rough steel materials, which are easy to rust and deform, and have poor stability. The steel rings will also move with the body swing during daily wear and body movement, which may press the breasts. , resulting in breast disease. Therefore, it is necessary to choose underwear products with brands and quality assurance merchants. Third, you can't choose a one-piece underwear based on the size of conventional underwear alone. Different brands, or different underwear styles of the same brand, use different model size standards. There may be differences in sizes from the same brand. And over time, the shape of the human body changes every day. Therefore, in this case, it is not very suitable to choose underwear only based on the bust data. And if you are used to wearing it like this, you will mistakenly think that wearing underwear is such a misunderstanding. Finally, a piece of advice from underwear manufacturers is not to rely too much on the effect of one-piece underwear. Generally, push-up underwear can squeeze out the cleavage when wearing it, so as to achieve the effect of showing the straightness, but the excessive squeezing of the chest cannot make the chest move closer to the middle. Women's chest has its own natural position and shape, and it is excessively compressed for a long time. Or deliberately wearing a small cup is counterproductive, and it is not good for your health.
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