How to choose underwear when wearing a white shirt?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-22
White clothes, especially white shirts, can be integrated into any shape, and women's white shirts have super plasticity, plus a variety of retro, simple, literary and other styles. However, white shirts are generally a bit transparent. If the color of underwear is not good, it can be embarrassing. The following body sculptures will show you how to choose underwear for white shirts. Let’s take a look with the editor of Shantou Ladymate Clothing-Underwear Customization Company. . For white clothes, especially what color bras are worn in white shirts, I think there are two situations, one is impervious white clothes, what color bras are worn in white shirts, and the other is slightly transparent white clothes. What color bra to wear under the shirt. 1. Impermeable white clothes. Generally speaking, these white clothes have a certain thickness. There is not much attention to what color bras are worn inside. Wearing bras of any color will not show up. However, there is one thing everyone is still It should be noted that try to choose smooth cup underwear or non-marking bras, and they must fit the body, like that kind of loose bras will also show the traces of underwear! In addition, it is not advisable to wear a bra that is too tight. It will squeeze the flesh of the back and underarms into piles, which can be seen through the outer clothes, and the look is ugly. 2. Slightly transparent white clothes This kind of white clothes are mostly white shirts. The demand for underwear is very demanding. What color bras to wear in the white shirts can be embarrassing if they are not good. Usually everyone thinks that a white bra inside a white shirt, or a skin-color underwear inside a white shirt is ideal. However, the body-sculpted clothing China Merchants believes that these two outfits are not good. Wear a white bra inside the white shirt, and the white inside and outside are superimposed, the bra will see through more clearly, it is recommended to choose vest-style / suspender white underwear, so that it has a sense of hierarchy. A white shirt with skin-color underwear is better for a slightly transparent white shirt, but if it is thinner, the skin-color underwear looks like it is not worn. The editor believes that a white shirt is suitable for a light gray bra inside. It will not produce color superimposition like a white bra, nor will it have as big contrast as a black bra. The effect will be better when worn in a white shirt. Of course, what color bras to wear in the white shirts mentioned above are for girls who dress more traditionally and are a little shy. In general, white clothes, especially what color bras are worn in white shirts, is more appropriate for most girls to choose light-colored bras. However, it is said that there are various clothes for individuals. If you want to show it deliberately, you can wear whatever color you want. Whether it is neutral gray, black and white, or bright red, blue, and purple, it is not a problem. It is looming. Sexy, mysterious and charming, without losing solemnity!
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