How to choose underwear styles in different periods?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-22
Nowadays, there are many OEM styles of body wear, including wide suspenders, thin suspenders, large suspenders and camisole styles. For young women, wearing a bra with a thin strap will look graceful; while pregnant women, they should wear a bra with a wide strap, tight and relaxed, which is beneficial to the growth and development of the thyroid gland of the pregnant mother. Good preparation for milk secretion after giving birth; pregnant women should wear a camisole bra for first delivery within one month after giving birth, which is convenient for breastfeeding in 'confinement'; when the child is full moon, it should be changed to a wide strap bra , So that it can not only shoulder the chest, but also convenient to feed the baby again. There are many universities in the bodysuit OEM. With the change of seasons, underwear fabrics should also be 'upgraded' immediately. Sweat a lot in summer, so you should wear a bra made of cotton, bleached cloth or linen fabric. You can wear a bra made of polyester fabric in autumn and spring. In winter, it is advisable to wear a firmer or sponge bra. When you go to bed at night, you should loosen the bra or take off the bra before going to sleep. This can prevent the breasts from being continuously compressed and cause discomfort, and it is also beneficial to the inhalation and blood circulatory system at night. The application of sponge bra is also suitable for each person. If the breasts do not look full, or the size of the upper and lower breasts is significantly different, you can choose a protruding bra lined with sponge. The anti-aging agent and tapen fabric of bra sponge are irritating to the skin. Therefore, women with allergic reactions or cracked nipples are not suitable for use. In addition, women with breast diseases such as mastitis are not suitable for sponge or polyester bras.
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