How to choose underwear for private underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-26
Nowadays, there are various styles, patterns, and functions of custom-made underwear for women on the market. Generally speaking, the popular styles of underwear can be basically divided into three categories: briefs, boxers and thongs. Briefs can fit women's curves and increase charm; boxer briefs are relatively loose and comfortable and casual to wear; thongs are more inclined to show women's sexy and charming side. Each has its own advantages, depending on what kind of underwear you are pursuing. Functional ladies' briefs can be divided into pregnant women's briefs, sports briefs, sex appeal briefs and hip-lifting pants. The above introduces the types of women's underwear, so how do you choose the women's underwear that suits you? You can mainly start with the following aspects or precautions: The first is to choose the size of women's underwear, even if the underwear is all size, there are sizes. Underwear that is too large or too small is not good for your health. Underwear that is too large cannot protect privacy and is not beautiful, while underpants that are too small or too tight will compress the private parts and cause damage. The second thing to pay attention to is whether the fabric selected for ladies' underwear is comfortable and breathable. Whether wearing underwear close-fitting for a long time will cause allergies or bacterial infections, which will endanger your health. It is recommended to choose cotton or modal material for the underwear fabric. The underwear made of these fabrics has the advantages of moisture absorption, quick drying, breathability and comfort. The third thing to pay attention to is the style and decoration of the selected underwear. Many panties are now designed with lace or lace, which not only increases the beauty of panties, but also increases the appeal and personal taste. The fourth thing to pay attention to is the choice of underwear color. Whether it is from the collocation of outer pants or physical health considerations, generally choose light-colored underwear, and it is not recommended to choose dark-colored underwear or underwear made of chemical fiber.
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