How to choose underwear based on body shape?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-30
Underwear is an intimate little padded jacket for female friends, and underwear is an element that directly affects the body. It can be a killer or a helper. How much do you know about underwear selection? Let’s talk about it in detail below Shantou Ladymate Apparel-underwear custom manufacturer and underwear processing manufacturer! A suitable underwear has vitality. It will always accompany your body, help you regulate and correct your body shape, and shape your body shape every day. Therefore, wearing the wrong underwear means destroying the body every day, and wearing the right underwear means taking care of the body every day. There are differences in body type among different regions and races. What is your body shape, do you understand? 1. There is no curve. The characteristic of this figure is that the gap between the chest, waist and hip is not big, and there are more fats in the lower abdomen. When choosing underwear, pay attention to the shaping of the waist curve, and at the same time gather the chest and lift the hips. You can choose the waist and girdle with a sense of design. 2. The size of the upper body is relatively large with big breasts and small hips, and some of the breasts appear 'too big'. This kind of figure should prevent the breasts from expanding and sagging, and pay attention to raising the hips while closing the breasts to avoid sagging. It is suitable to choose a 3/4 cup or full cup bra. 3. The curve is clear. This kind of figure has obvious outer contour curve and thin waist, which is a relatively ideal curve. It is easier to choose underwear, and you can choose any style according to your preferences. 4. There is a big gap between the chest, small buttocks and A-shaped figure. The chest is small and the buttocks are too large. There is more fat in the buttocks. When choosing underwear, this figure is mainly for full breasts and buttocks. Incomplete statistics, more than 85% of Chinese women do not know how to choose a suitable underwear. There are six main types of chest types: extended type, sagging type, asymmetric type, small chest type, large chest type, and normal type. 1. Extensive breast enlargement means that the breasts are elongated to both sides without forming a cleavage. Most extensions are caused by wearing the wrong underwear for a long time. For this type of chest, you can choose a gathered bra to concentrate the chest and set off the straight curve. 2, sagging breasts are often caused by large breasts or improper breastfeeding or aging or improper wearing of underwear. Choose a full cup bra. Bras with underwires, side gussets, wide bottoms, and wide shoulder straps are supported from bottom to top. 3. The asymmetrical type is simply the size of the chest. You can choose a bra with inserts, but the key is to restore the chest through long-term fat allocation management. Don't choose a tube top bra, it will make the difference more obvious. After breastfeeding mothers often have such troubles. 4. Small breasts. This kind of breasts is common. For small breasts, you can choose a gather bra. The 3/4 deep V gather cup will have a better effect. Wearing tube tops, braces and other underwear are also very beautiful. In addition, it needs to be reminded that the consequence of not wearing a bra for this figure is a flat plate, and wearing a bra that is too tight will limit breast development. 5. Do not choose a bra with an inner pad or a thick cup bra. Choose a bra with a full cup, wide shoulder straps, wide bottom circumference, and underwire, which is conducive to the shape of your breasts. The 1/2 cup is often unable to support the full breasts, and it is prone to breast overflow and looseness. 6. Regarding the normal breast shape, 1/2 or 3/4 cup is most suitable, but it also needs maintenance in the later stage to prevent the breast shape from getting worse. Well, how to choose underwear according to your body, I believe you have a general understanding after reading the above introduction. If you want to know more related brand information, please pay attention to the underwear factory.
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