How to choose the underwear underwear customized by the underwear factory

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-09
The order of the underwear processing factory can reflect the customer's taste, overall strength, and even the representative of the true identity. It is not considered for overseas purchases and general well-known brands. Therefore, the allure of private customization is unquestionable, so what about private customization of underwear? Nowadays, there are various styles, fancy styles, and functions of privately-made underwear for women on the market. In summary, most fashionable styles of underwear can be divided into three categories: briefs, boxers and thongs. Briefs can cater to women's curves and enhance their style; while boxer briefs are relatively fat and comfortable for leisure and entertainment; thong briefs are more focused on showing women's sexy, charming and moving side. Each has its own advantages, depending on what kind of underwear you are pursuing for perfection. Functional women's underwear can be divided into pregnant mother type underwear, fashionable sports underwear, sex appeal type underwear and thin waist trousers. The above detailed introduction is the type of women's underwear, so how to choose the right women's underwear? The key is to start from the following many levels, that is to say the common problems: the first is to choose the size of women's underwear, even if the underwear is of the same size, there are also sizes. Underpants that are too large or too small are not good for physical and mental health. Underpants that are too large cannot protect privacy and look good, while underpants that are too small or tight will squeeze the privacy and cause damage. The second thing to pay attention to is whether the selected fabric for women's bodywear OEM underwear is comfortable and breathable. Long-term close-fitting underwear will cause skin allergies or bacterial infections, thereby harming physical and mental health. It is recommended to choose pure cotton or modal material for the underwear fabric. The underwear made of this kind of fabric has the advantages of moisture absorption, quick-drying, breathability and comfort. The third concern is to choose the style and decorative design of the underwear. Nowadays, many underwear designs contain lace patterns or lace edges, which not only enhance the artistic beauty of underwear, but also increase the relative interest and enhance personal taste. The fourth thing you must pay attention to is the selection of the color of the underwear, whether it is from the matching of outer pants or physical and mental health, generally choose light-colored underwear, it is not recommended to choose dark brown underwear or underwear made of chemical fiber materials. I feel that the customers of privately-made underwear have to be subdivided into levels and then set relative prices. Even the middle class and above have many levels. Being able to accurately target groups in the opposite direction of being customer-oriented, and not having to be fooled by customers to choose custom-made underwear is also a reflection of some consumer groups’ pursuit of perfect diversification. The diversification of overseas e-commerce brands is becoming smaller and smaller. Can't consider some customers. What we have to do is to make the private order more 'valueI think the last thing that attracts people to buy private customized underwear OEM production is the design itself. Although this type of people can buy well-known brands, they lack features. When many people buy clothes, they all have their own views on the design plan. For example, if the waist is tighter here, the hem is longer. This is all areas that can only be serviced by private order.
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