How to choose the size of children's swimsuit?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-02
How to choose the size of children's swimsuit? The size chart of children's swimwear is as follows: Size Number Age (du years old) Zhi Height (cm) Bust (cm) Waist (cm) 2Y/3Y 2 2~dao3 85-95 52 503Y/4Y 4 3~4 95-105 54 514Y/ 5Y 6 4~5 105-115 57 526Y/7Y 8 6~7 115-125 60 548Y/9Y 10 8~9 125-135 64 5710Y/11Y 12 10~11 135-145 68 6112Y/13Y 14 12~13 145 -155 72 6414Y/15Y 16 14~15 155-165 76 66
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