How to choose the right yoga pants

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-05
How to choose the right yoga pants texture: cotton or linen is the main fabric, because cotton or linen has good breathability and sweat absorption, and is very soft, so that your body will not feel tight and bound. In addition, you can also choose to add some Lycra ingredients to the cotton fabric, which mainly increases the elasticity of the clothes. Style: Yoga pants are simple, generous and neat. Don't have too many accessories (especially metal), straps, or knots on your clothing to prevent chrome from getting on your body and causing unnecessary injury. The limbs should be stretched freely and the whole body should not feel restrained. Style: It is advisable to use elastic or rope ties for the trousers, because there are some movements of lying on your back in yoga, and the tight opening can prevent the trousers from sliding down. Winter clothing is mainly trousers and long clothes. In summer, shorts are mainly used with trousers. Color: Try to choose fresh and elegant colors, mainly pure colors, which can relax your visual nerves and calm yourself down quickly. Don't let the color be too jumpy and eye-catching, and try not to wear the color that makes you excited when practicing yoga. Yoga instructors try to use solid colors as much as possible. Style: If you want to highlight your personality, you can choose clothes with Indian national style, which are loose and natural, and you will have a sense of elegance and mystery when you wear them; there is also a modern style of fitness clothes, which are tight and elastic, and can also bring out beauty when you wear them. It is generally more suitable to practice hot yoga. You can choose according to your preference. In short, yoga pants that let your body have no external constraints and stretch freely when practicing yoga are a better choice that can bring you peace and relaxation.
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