How to choose the right underwear-Ladymate underwear private customization is worth having

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-18
Women’s breasts need meticulous protection. Wearing uncomfortable underwear for a long time will affect women’s health. At the same time, breast plastic surgery is also very unfavorable. Today, the demand for comfortable underwear is gradually increasing, and women pay more attention to their health. When choosing underwear, you will also pay special attention to these aspects, so how to choose the right underwear? Today, let's take a look at how to choose underwear for private customization of underwear! Appropriate underwear is first of all underwear of the right size. Wearing it for a long time will also cause many problems. Long-term tight-fitting, too small underwear, and long-term compression of the chest will result in insufficient blood supply to the chest, and breast compression will make it easier to suffer from breast diseases; Large and loose underwear will cause breast deformation, which is not conducive to forming. After a long time, the shape of the breast will be ugly. To choose the right underwear size, you should know the size that is suitable to wear, learn to measure the bust, and choose underwear according to your own data. After finding the underwear of our own size, we should look at the underwear’s material, shoulder straps, supports, and the comfort of the underwear. A suitable shoulder strap will not put too much pressure on the shoulders, and there is enough support. The support underwear is more convenient in shape, which can start from the structure and material of the underwear.
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