How to choose the right breastfeeding underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-05
Breastfeeding underwear is mainly suitable for pregnant mothers and postpartum mothers who are breastfeeding after childbirth. It can help mothers adjust their breast shape and protect their breast health. Many women know the importance of choosing the right breastfeeding underwear, but for the dazzling array of breastfeeding underwear on the market, they don't know which kind of breastfeeding underwear to choose. So how to choose the right breastfeeding underwear? Let’s check with underwear manufacturers, sportswear manufacturers and bra manufacturers! 1. Breastfeeding underwear should be convenient to place the breast pad, because the breasts may have galactorrhea from the late pregnancy to the postpartum lactation period. Many pregnant women or moms use anti-galactorrhea pads to absorb the overflowing milk. In order to facilitate the placement and fixation of anti-galactorrhea pads, many special pregnancy bras are equipped with pockets and auxiliary straps in the cups. 2. Pay attention to the breastfeeding opening design of breastfeeding underwear. The breastfeeding opening design of the cup not only increases the added value of the bra, but also extends the wearing period from pregnancy to breastfeeding. If the baby is hungry, it is very convenient to hold the baby in one hand and unbuckle the buckle with the other hand when preparing to breastfeed. 3. The angle of the breastfeeding underwear cup is obviously raised and deep. It should be a 4/4 full cup, with thinner and elastic cotton knitted fabric. 4. There is a wire support on the bottom of the breastfeeding underwear cup, which can give the breast an upward lifting force. The steel support is made of cotton fabric. 5. The shoulder straps of nursing underwear bras should be vertical and wider, so as not to cause shoulder pain due to full breasts. 6. The bottom edge of the breastfeeding underwear cup should be wide, made of elastic fabric (cotton and Lycra), and the size selection is slightly larger, so that the underarms and back will not form meaty grooves . 7. The color of breastfeeding underwear and bra should be natural white, because pure white contains bleaching agent which will cause discomfort to the skin, which is not good for the health of the baby.
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