How to choose the heart position of underwear, you know?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-03
The role of the sweetheart position is actually very simple. In order to make the two cups of the underwear better connect together, of course some underwear does not have the sweetheart position (this will be mentioned later). There is also the fixing of the breasts, which is to protect the breasts. In fact, the design of the whole underwear is mainly for this. Then there will be a lot of decorations on many sweethearts to add sexy and beautiful. Generally speaking, the higher the sweetheart position, the higher the sweetheart position, the stronger the supporting capacity. Girls with big breasts are more suitable for underwear with high sweetheart position. Relatively speaking, underwear with high sweetheart position is more wrapped and supportive, and the underwear is not easy to run up, which can meet the needs of big breasted girls for breast protection. And small breasted girls are best to choose low-hearted underwear, especially for small-breasted girls with small breast spacing. Because if this kind of girl puts on high-hearted underwear, basically it will be easy to run up with a little action, and the sweetheart position is generally relatively hard, and small-breasted girls don’t need too much support and will compress the chest. , It is easy to have chest pain. Wide and narrow heart position The choice of wide and narrow heart position mainly depends on the distance between the breasts. To put it simply, the larger the breasts, the smaller the spacing, because the breasts of this type of girl will naturally gather to form a cleavage, so you can choose underwear with a narrow heart position. The small breasts can choose some underwear with a wider heart position, because basically the underwear with a narrow heart position has a gathering effect, and the small breasted girl can easily empty the cup after wearing it. However, the choice of sweetheart position should not be too wide. Many European and American women choose very wide sweetheart underwear because of their large skeletons, which can easily cause breast expansion. Such underwear is definitely the gospel of small breasted girls. Zero-hearted underwear is mainly triangle cup, bikini, bralette and other underwear, all of which are designed to be light and breathable, especially suitable for summer. Many girls find it uncomfortable to gather and adjust their underwear, and take them off immediately when they come home. And this kind of underwear can let us free ourselves, wearing it is the same as not wearing it, it is really very comfortable. Therefore, when choosing underwear next time, pay more attention to the small details of the heart position, and the comfort and functionality will be greatly improved.
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