How to choose the chicken heart position of underwear, do you know?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-03
The role of the chicken heart position is actually very simple. In order to make the two cups of the underwear better connect together, of course, some underwear does not have a chicken heart position (this will be mentioned later). There is also the role of fixing the breasts, which is to protect the breasts. In fact, the design of a whole piece of underwear is mainly for this. Then there will be a lot of decoration on many chicken heart bits to add sexiness and beauty. Generally speaking, the high and low chicken heart position means that the higher the chicken heart position, the stronger the bearing capacity. Girls with big breasts are more suitable for underwear with high breasts. Relatively speaking, underwear with high breasts is more wrapping and supportive, and the underwear is not easy to run up, which can meet the needs of big breasted girls for breast protection. And small-breasted girls are best to choose underwear with a low heart position, especially for small-breasted girls with small chest spacing. Because if this type of girl wears underwear with a high chicken heart, basically, if there is a little movement, the underwear will easily run up, and the chicken heart position is generally relatively hard, and girls with small breasts do not need too much support, which will oppress the chest. , It is easy to have chest pains. Wide and narrow chicken heart position The choice of wide and narrow chicken heart position mainly depends on the spacing of the chest. To put it simply, the larger the breasts, the smaller the distance, because the breasts of such girls will naturally gather to form cleavage, so you can choose underwear with a narrow heart. And small breasted girls can choose some underwear with wider chicken hearts, because basically the underwear with narrow chicken hearts has a gathering effect, and small breasted girls can easily empty the cup. However, the choice of the chicken heart position should not be too wide. Many European and American women choose very wide chicken heart position underwear due to their large skeleton, which will easily cause the chest to expand. Lingerie like zero chicken heart is definitely the gospel of small breasted girls. Zero chicken heart underwear is mainly triangle cup, bikini, bralette and other underwear, all of which are designed to be light, thin and breathable, especially suitable for summer. Many girls find it uncomfortable to gather and adjust their underwear, and take them off as soon as they get home. And this type of underwear can let us let go of ourselves, wearing it and not wearing it is the same, it is really very comfortable. Therefore, when choosing underwear next time, pay more attention to the small detail of the chicken heart position, and the comfort and functionality will be greatly improved.
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