How to choose the bra that suits you?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-26
Shantou Ladymate Apparel Co., Ltd.-Underwear customization, body contouring underwear customization, and underwear processing manufacturers share with you what you need to pay attention to when choosing the right underwear: 1. Age key: Young women: Mainly consider the plastic effect of underwear. Middle-aged and elderly women: Since there are no such high requirements for beauty, health is the first concern. You should choose some loose and comfortable styles. After pregnancy: A bra with wide straps and elasticated freely is most suitable for pregnant women. After childbirth: You can wear a vest-style bra according to the professional's introduction. After the child's full moon: This time you need to breastfeed your child, you can choose some special breastfeeding bra. Also pay attention to choosing a bra with a broadband back, and pay attention to whether the underwear has a correction function for postpartum body shape changes. Petite breast shape: use thick lining under thick and thin 3/4 cup underwear to hold up the breasts, so that the breasts will look fuller, natural, and the curve is perfectly drooping. Breast shape: choose a bra with reinforced rims and side parts, so The supporting force of the bra will be strong. Expanded breast shape: If you want to improve the expanded breast shape, a three-quarter cup bra will be more suitable, and it also has a side retractable function. Asymmetrical breast shape: When choosing a bra, the larger side should be used as the standard, and the smaller side can be modified with padding. 2. Fabrics The choice of fabrics is a science, and good fabrics for underwear are pure natural fabrics. Choose a bra with good texture and breathability, choose cotton, and the price is moderate. Other synthetic fiber fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, are not as hygroscopic as pure cotton. In addition, it may cause allergic reactions. Therefore, when choosing underwear, you should pay attention to choosing natural fabrics. Pure cotton or silk are good. Although the thick sponge seems to make the breasts plump, its air permeability is very poor, because it is difficult to wash, so long-term wear of the washing liquid remaining in the washing process will make the nipple and areola black and cause a series of diseases. 3. For the size chapter, measure the bust size first. Women have different body shapes in different periods, so every time you buy a bra, you must first measure the upper and lower circumference of the chest, or try it on when you buy it. Note the proper size of the cup. The cup that suits you will not feel empty on your chest when you wear it, nor will it cause too much fat outside the cup. At the same time pay attention to the elasticity of the shoulder straps, the shoulder straps are not as tight as possible. If the shoulder strap is too tight, it will draw a mark on the shoulder. It should be noted that it will not deform when it is pulled by elasticity. When wearing it, it can lift the chest without making yourself uncomfortable. It is a good shoulder strap.
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