How to choose the body underwear that suits you?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-26
In our lives, underwear is indispensable, so how do you choose the underwear that suits you? Shantou Ladymate Apparel Co., Ltd.-Underwear customization, body-building underwear customization, underwear processing manufacturers tell everyone: whether you are elegant, active, confident, fashionable, as a modern woman, you can fully grasp Your own life, so when choosing underwear, you should make a perfect match according to your life style and personality. In addition to matching the lifestyle, personal products should incorporate excellent comfort. Starting from the changing emotions of women, the appearance may be simple, elegant or gorgeous and complex, showing the unique and meticulous interior of women; and emphasizing excellent wearing comfort, which is the element of modern underwear materials. The use and change of materials is the focus of the expression of inner beauty that cannot be ignored. Whether it is choosing high-tech materials, or refined hand embroidery and lace, it must present its unique aesthetic style under smooth creative performance. If there is a simple, non-marking design, soft and comfortable, it is close to the minimalist series of feminine second-layer skin. 1. Correctly measure your current size. As age and weight change, the curve of your body will also change. Every time you buy underwear, measure yourself correctly. 2. Don't talk shyly about your body shape. When choosing underwear, you can openly and frankly tell the shopping guide what you want, such as: want to make the small breasts look bigger, want to tighten the sagging breasts, and want to flatten the lower abdomen Wait, the proportion of choosing ideal underwear will immediately increase. 3. Know what clothes you often wear. Underwear must not only match the body shape and mood, but also the outerwear for different occasions. If you can combine the design, fabric, and season of the jacket, you can better reflect the taste and cultivation of the wearer. When wearing a sleeveless jacket, choose underwear with suspenders retracted inward. 4. Keep trying on until you are satisfied. If you are too troublesome to try again and again, you will not be able to meet the underwear that suits you. For example, corsets of the same type are very different in terms of tight fit or buttocks lifting.
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