How to choose sports underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-20
Let's talk about how to choose sports underwear from Shantou Ladymate underwear manufacturers, Shantou Ladymate sportswear manufacturers and Shantou Ladymate bra manufacturers? 1. The size of the cup. The MM of the A and B cups can be used in most sports underwear. MMs above the C cup should choose supportive products, which will protect the chest more. 2. The intensity of the exercise. The intensity of different exercises is different, and the impact on the body is also different. The more intense the exercise, the greater the damage to the chest, and the higher the requirements for sports underwear. 3. Accurate measurement of the bust. Every time you buy sports underwear, you have to measure it again. The chest will change from time to time at different times. There are many differences in the size of sports bras in different regions and styles.
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