How to choose shapewear

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-28
How to choose shapewear 1. Choose according to your body shape. First, take a look at your figure and see where you are particularly concerned; if not, you need a body suit similar to basic body care, one that can give you Body fit with reasonable fat distribution. In the choice of size, it is best to ask professionals to measure the size of the body every week, and choose and try different underwear according to their physical characteristics until you choose the most suitable one. It is a big mistake to choose the size of the suit according to the size of your body in the impression. Remember, human clothing should not be too tight, too tight will affect the blood circulation, should choose the appropriate relaxation mode. Second, look at the material of the body shaper. The body shaper is not as tight as possible. It must be evenly applied to all parts of the body, so that all parts of the body can get the same pressure, and can massage the fat, so that the subcutaneous fat can be evenly distributed. Effect. Shaping clothes are generally clothes that are close to the skin, so you must understand the material of the clothes when buying shape clothes, so as not to cause skin irritation, so as to ensure that women will not experience sultry or sweating rashes under long-term wear. . 3. Look at the strength and tension of the shapewear. Generally speaking, from the point of view of its own elasticity, the shapewear is mainly divided into two types: one is material elasticity, and the other is weave elasticity. It is best to choose moderate elasticity and good breathability, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable to move after wearing. Better shapewear is mostly made of cotton. Cotton has good air permeability and strong moisture absorption, but the elasticity of cotton is very small. Therefore, for better functionality and aesthetics, some glossy polyester fabrics will be added. Due to the proper proportion, it usually feels very comfortable and not allergic. . 4. Choose according to your own needs. For women with a'small hunchback', this means that the spine needs to be adjusted. The body suit with a hunchback usually comes with an X-shaped back clip; the'upper shoulder and lower shoulder' need to be adjusted The pelvis, while adjusting the pelvis has a pelvic correction belt and pelvic correction underwear. Three-point trousers not only bandage the thighs and buttocks to tighten and improve them, but also adopt a multi-layered strong stretch fabric overlapping cutting method on the buttocks to strongly tighten the circumference of the buttocks, showing a dynamic posture. Short pants, suitable for wearing short skirts or shorts, can also be worn as ordinary underwear, with the effect of tucking the abdomen and raising the buttocks. ?
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