How to choose seamless fashion underwear and how to maintain it?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-15
​ How to choose and maintain seamless fashion underwear? The following Ladymate clothing editor will teach you how!​ About selection: First of all, before buying, you must know what the brand of seamless underwear is and whether it has passed the official registered trademark of the State Trademark Administration; secondly, whether the manufacturer of seamless underwear is a regular manufacturer and whether it is in business Licenses and production licenses, especially production licenses, are a sign of the state's affirmation of the manufacturer's production equipment and technological level. The third and more critical point is to see whether the seamless underwear has the quality inspection report issued by the relevant quality inspection department of the state [2], which is generally divided into four types: basic testing, microbial testing, live animal allergy testing and heavy metal testing. About maintenance: The non-marking underwear of regular manufacturers has a color instruction manual in the package, which will specify the wearing, washing and maintenance methods for you in detail. The wearing method is roughly as follows: 1. Cleaning Clean your chest first, do not use lotion, talcum powder or any skin care products, because it will affect the stickiness. 2. Wearing First stand in front of the mirror and put it aside, turn the cup outwards when wearing, and place the cup in the proper position. Gently use your fingertips to smooth the edge of the cup on the chest, so that it can fit closely with the lower edge of the breast, and then repeat the same action on the other side, and make sure that the two sides are the same height. 3. Fastening Attach the front clasp and press the cup with both hands for a few seconds to ensure a secure fit. The Show Bra is designed to be thinner under the cups, so it's normal that it doesn't cover the entire bust. 4. Tips To look fuller, please place the Show Bra on a higher chest position, which can bring out your chest and make the chest full and shapely. 5. Adjustment If you want to enhance the effect of cleavage, place the Show Bra away from some of the front buckles, which will tighten your chest and create the attractive cleavage you want. 6. Untangle First unhook the chest hook, gently pull the Show Bra from top to bottom gradually, if there is any residual stickiness on the chest after unplugging, please gently wipe it with tissue paper.
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