How to choose invisible underwear and how to wear it? ?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-12
​ How to choose and wear invisible underwear? ? How to choose invisible underwear: invisible underwear made of fabric. Advantages, light, the weight is generally around 15g to 30g, JMS can hardly feel the weight after wearing it. There are many styles, and there are more personalized designs based on different fabrics and colors, such as printing and embroidery. How to wear invisible underwear: Clean the skin, gently wash the chest area with mild soap and water, and dry the skin with a soft towel. Do not apply talcum powder or moisturizer near the chest before using invisible underwear, so as not to affect the stickiness of the underwear.​ Putting one side at a time, turn the bra inside out as you put it on, gently use your fingertips to smooth out the edges of the bra and the position of your chest, and repeat on the other side. Fixing the cups: Press the bra firmly with both hands for a few seconds to ensure that the bra is fixed. In order to look more complete, the cups should be placed a little higher on the chest, and the connecting buckle should be 45 degrees down. Attach the front buckle: Adjust the position of the two sides to maintain the symmetry of the chest shape, and buckle the connection buckle of the invisible underwear. Adjust the position: Gently press the invisible underwear and adjust it slightly upward. Detach: First unfasten the front buckle, gently open the cups from top to bottom, and wipe the residual adhesive with tissue paper.
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