How to choose breastfeeding underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-14
Women wear underwear for better protection and more beautiful and elegant breasts, so it is the same for pregnant mothers. The constant increase in breasts of pregnant mothers during pregnancy requires more suitable breastfeeding underwear. In the process of choosing breast-feeding underwear, the two details that pregnant mothers should pay attention to are: First, whether the design of breast-feeding underwear can prevent breast sagging and play a protective role; second, the breathability of breast-feeding underwear should be very good. Ladymate underwear manufacturer, how to choose breastfeeding underwear? 1. Choose breastfeeding underwear and pay attention to its design. Breasts, as a baby's granary, should be well protected as a place that women are proud of. However, breastfeeding underwear is a protective outerwear for pregnant mothers. It is assumed that breasts that are too large during pregnancy are not well protected. Choosing the wrong breastfeeding underwear will cause a series of damage to the breasts. For example, breasts that are too large will cause the breasts to sag, the arrangement around the breasts will be damaged, and the secretion of milk will be reduced. If it even poses a risk of breast cancer, the design of breastfeeding underwear is very important. 2. When choosing breastfeeding underwear, pay attention to breathability. Breasts also need to breathe in order to be more healthy. When choosing breastfeeding underwear, breathability is also a detail worth noting. During pregnancy, the body temperature of pregnant mothers is higher than usual, and the summer time is more obvious, and the sweating rate is extremely high. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant mother's breasts simply overflow milk, and the baby simply spit up milk. Assuming that the breastfeeding underwear does not meet the good air permeability, it is very simple to reproduce Bacteria bring germs and cause the baby to enter the body while drinking milk and get sick.
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