How to choose breastfeeding underwear size

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-16
Breastfeeding underwear is a kind of underwear specially designed for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to wear. Comfortable, breathable and convenient is its main feature and the key to the public's attention. So how do you choose the breastfeeding underwear that suits you? What kind of breastfeeding underwear size is healthy and good for the body? The following Ladymate underwear manufacturers will talk about this topic. Generally speaking, there are two ways to choose the size of breastfeeding underwear: one is to choose according to the changes in the breasts in different periods. The advantage is that it can maintain the body curve, and the underwear will not show the problem of being too big or too small. Breastfeeding underwear that is too large will not be able to provide the necessary protection and support. Too small or tight is not conducive to breast health and severe breast diseases will occur. Of course, the shortcomings of this are also clear, that is, it is more troublesome and the utilization rate of underwear is not high and expensive. An underwear may only be worn a few times or a week is not appropriate. Another way is to choose breastfeeding underwear with room for expansion, which can be expanded by 2-3 sizes by adjusting the elasticity of the shoulder straps. The utilization rate of this kind of breastfeeding underwear is high, generally only need to buy 2-3 such underwear to change and wash to be able to spend the entire pregnancy and lactation period. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive. Nursing underwear manufacturers will have some humanized designs, such as increasing the breastfeeding opening design of the cup. Such a plan not only increases the added value of underwear, but also extends the wear cycle of underwear.
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