How to choose a nursing bra?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-08
The following bra manufacturers talk about how to choose a nursing bra? 1. The size is suitable. When buying, mothers should choose a bra with a full cup that can completely cover the chest. It can provide firm support to the breasts and avoid sagging breasts after breastfeeding. Choose a 4/4 full cup with a rising angle and depth. 2. Front buckle. Breastfeeding bra should choose front buckle or cup that can be opened. This is very convenient for breastfeeding, very clean and simple. 3. Comfortable fabric The bra fabric is made of pure cotton knitted material, which is relatively soft and will not get to the breasts because the fabric is too hard. Clothes made of soft fabrics are suitable for mothers. Some clothes made of rough, chemical fiber material are not suitable for wearing, as it will affect the nipples and cause adverse effects. Mothers should not wear clothes made of dyed materials, otherwise it will not only be harmful to their skin, but will also have adverse effects on their babies. 4. Shoulder straps should be wide. Choose a bra with straight shoulder straps and a larger width, which will help reduce the pressure on the shoulders by the breasts.
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