How to choose a girl's underwear to teach you the correct way to wear a bra

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-17
How to choose a girl's underwear? If you’re not sure, let’s take a look with the Shantou Ladymate apparel-underwear custom manufacturer: 1. Choose the right size   . There are basically two sizes to pay attention to, one is the 'bust' and the other is the 'cup'. Bust u003d the number measured horizontally through the high point of the breast; lower bust u003d the number measured horizontally through the lower edge of the breast. Cup u003d bust-lower bust, most underwear sizes on the market are marked, generally lower bust size/cup. So when choosing a bra, choose the one that suits you.  Second, choose styles  , pay attention to the principles of fit, comfort, and good breast health. Wear according to breast shape and size. You can choose a full cup if you have a full breast; you can choose a 3/4 cup if you have a breast expansion, which has a good concentration effect; if you have different breast sizes, choose the model with a relatively large side, and just add an inner pad on the other side. . Girls should not wear bras or bras with metal wires. Brackets are not conducive to physical development, so do not choose bras with braces, metal wires, glue or chemical fibers.  3. Texture   Girls should choose a fabric that allows their skin to breathe smoothly. Therefore, pure cotton fabric can absorb sweat and maintain air circulation, which is the choice of close-fitting fabrics. Choose Lycra, this fabric is soft, smooth and elastic, and has the reputation of 'second skin'. Girls' underwear must reflect their vitality, youth and personality, and should be distinguished from mature and sexy adult underwear.   Underwear, the correct way to wear a bra:    One, first pass the strap through the arm, so that the shoulder strap naturally falls on the shoulder. Bend the upper body forward 45 degrees, let the breasts naturally and properly pour into the cup, and then buckle the back button. 2. Fully support the breast with your hands and put it into the cup, then lightly press the bottom edge of the cup to fix the position of the bra, and fully push the muscles on the side of the chest into the cup, move the cup to the center, so that the chest line is concentrated and intact Breasts, to achieve a smooth and compliant effect.  3. Adjust the shoulder strap to an appropriate length, and the shoulder feels natural and comfortable without pressure. Remember that the shoulder strap should not be too tight or too loose.   Fourth, adjust the back horizontal band and the bottom of the chest cup to be level, and the back horizontal band should not be pulled too high.
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