How to choose a bra?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-17
The following bra manufacturers talk about how to choose a bra? The first choice for bras is not to buy thicker pads. Nowadays, many plump bras on the market add thick pads for beauty. This actually squeezes the breast fat. Although it can deepen the cleavage and make the breast plump, it simply causes the breast fat to be squeezed away at both ends, forming a misshapen breast overnight. Even the adverse effect of accessory milk appears. Secondly, when choosing a bra, you should pay attention to the inner underwire tightly around the bottom of the chest. If the bottom of the bust is separated by more than 2 cm from the bottom of the chest, long-term wear will result in sagging of the chest. A good quality bra will add a soft stick on the side, which forms a double lock with the invisible steel ring, which can fix the fat and prevent it from sliding to the two ends. Many female customers also encounter the phenomenon that the shoulder straps of the bra will run up during daily wear, which makes the whole chest very ugly and difficult. A lower band that is too upward tends to tighten the muscles, which is not conducive to normal development. Therefore, when choosing a one-piece bra, customers must check whether the bottoms of the front and back panels of the bra are in the same horizontal position. If not, it is not recommended for everyone to buy. The steel ring used in bras of poor quality is mostly rough steel material, which is slightly rusty and deformed, and the stability is not strong. During daily wear and physical exercise, the steel ring will also sway and move with the body, which may compress the breast and produce breasts. disease. Therefore, we must choose those bra products with brands and quality assurance merchants. Three can not choose a bra based on the standard of conventional bras. Different brands, perhaps different bra styles of the same brand, choose different types of standard standards. There may be differences in the size of the same brand. And with the passage of time, human body shape changes every day. Therefore, in this case, choosing a bra based only on the bust data is not very suitable. And if you are used to wearing this, you will mistakenly think that wearing a bra is such a misunderstanding.
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