How to avoid buying low-quality seamless shapewear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-30
The following Shantou Ladymate Apparel-underwear factory, body shaping high-end Bodysuit custom manufacturer brings you how to avoid buying inferior seamless shapewear, let's take a look. Look to see if there is any variegated color and whether the weaving is even. Touch, touch with your hand, a good seamless shapewear feels soft on the outer layer and warm on the inner layer. Blow, use your mouth to blow from one side of the fabric, and you will feel hot on the other side, indicating that it has good air permeability and good moisture conductivity, otherwise you must be extra careful when purchasing. Pull and rub, gently pull the fabric with your hands to feel whether the elasticity is good; you can rub it at will, without layering, no balling, and non-shedding fabrics are good fabrics. Listen, you only need to shake it quietly or rub the fabric gently with your hands, and listen to whether there is a rustling sound. If there is no such sound, it means that the fabric may not contain PVC plastic film or be handled well. Try on, check, try on elasticity, try on the body to see if you feel bloated, sluggish, and whether the joints of the body can move freely; check whether the model identification, scrubbing identification, certificate, quality assurance, etc. pass the customs, and the inspection is good. It is a genuine product. Underwear OEM
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