How should underwear be worn correctly?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-02
Underwear underwear should be worn correctly, otherwise underwear will not help your body shape, and it will also make your body uncomfortable. The following bra manufacturers talk about how to wear underwear correctly? Wearing underwear with the wrong style, if you ignore the different styles of underwear and the different functions of its practice, you will gradually eat away at your beautiful figure. Our bodies are different from each other. Experienced designers will design bras with different functions for this vastly different body, such as all-inclusive, diagonal, semi-inclusive, and perhaps supporting, Without lining, etc., some linings use steel wire, and they are divided into different lengths and widths. Assuming that we only see the color of the underwear, or only attracted by the lace, we may choose the wrong style. Wearing underwear by mistake, baggy underwear will not help your body shape. Another reason for wrong underwear wear is just the opposite, which is to wear tight underwear because you want to have a clear curve. Underwear that is too tight will make marks on the body. In practice, it divides the chest or buttocks into two ugly parts. Possess fat on the chest and buttocks. After a period of time, the muscles cut outside the underwear due to the tightness will gradually sink downwards. Wearing underwear that has lost vitality, the underwear will lose the functions you originally wanted in the process of wearing, washing, drying, and closing. The elasticity of underwear may be gradually lost. No matter how good the underwear is at the time, it will be lifeless, and some may even have a counterproductive effect. Underwear with no vitality will obviously lose its elasticity, and the loose bottom will lose the supporting effect on the gluteal muscles, causing it to sag naturally. Underwear should be sent off in time to welcome the new. Wearing poor-quality underwear, underwear must be inclusive in nature, so that it can effectively support the breasts and buttocks. Regardless of whether the materials used are silk, cotton, chemical fiber, or blended fabrics, they will have a strong stretching force. As far as knitted fabrics are concerned, knitted cotton fabrics are elastic and durable.
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