How often do I change my underwear? Private underwear customization tells you these four phenomena to remind you that it is time to change your underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-02
When do you want to change your underwear? Wait for it to rot (a bit difficult)? Wait for it to deform? Or have you worn it long enough? Private custom underwear is recommended. The lifespan of ordinary bras is about 3 to 6 months, so underwear can only be used at most It has been worn for half a year and needs to be replaced. However, time alone cannot determine whether your underwear is suitable. Even if some underwear has not been worn for a long time, we should change it from its various details. Let’s learn about it with Boxin Clothing-Underwear manufacturer: 1. The breast cup often moves up. Sometimes the underwear you wear is not very good. When you raise your hands and stretch out your feet, your underwear will be misaligned. This situation is very embarrassing, especially when the cup keeps moving upwards. This will make you inevitably wear underwear in public, which is very indecent. When the cup runs out, it is usually because the bottom edge of your underwear, the iron ring, is too loose. More commonly, it is not clearly identified at the time of purchase, which leads to the wrong choice of underwear size. The breast cup is too shallow and can only float on your chest like a plate. In this way, when you raise your hand, your underwear will naturally follow. 2. There are two possible reasons for the phenomenon that the shoulder strap often slips off. One is that the underwear is too small and too loose, and the shoulder straps are easy to slip off after moving up. Second, choose the wrong shoulder strap style. Everyone's shoulder shape is different, including wide shoulders, narrow shoulders, flat shoulders, cut shoulders, etc. Different shoulder shapes also have different styles. For example, people who cut shoulders should pay special attention to the shoulder strap design of underwear. They should not be outside. They should choose the internal design so as not to slip off easily. Another common mistake of shoulder straps is that they are too narrow and too loose. You know, chest lifting is mainly driven by the shoulders, so the wider the shoulder straps, the stronger the tension, the better. Shoulder straps that are too thin are purely decorative and have very little pull. In the long run, your beautiful and solid breasts will definitely become more and more sagging, which is not alarmist. 3. After the chest or back indentation underwear is untied, there are obvious traces of underwire on the chest, indicating that the cup size of the underwear is too small. You know, the steel ring is like a frame. It should fit the contour of the chest and give it a support, but if it is too small on the chest, it will cut off the fat that originally belonged to the chest like tofu, and the chest will be Becoming smaller and smaller. If there are strangulations on the back, it usually means that the bottom edge is too tight and needs to be enlarged. Or the bottom edge is too narrow, it is easy to be pinched, causing pinch marks. Try wearing a bra with widened straps. On the one hand, it can increase support and fixation; on the other hand, it can disperse and balance fat. Therefore, before buying underwear, you must know your size accurately. You can also try on underwear in a underwear store to find the right underwear for yourself. 4. The cup swings along the space or the chest is too empty and the chest is too small. These two situations indicate that this underwear is no longer suitable for you, please do not hesitate to discard it.
In the past few decades, bra sizes production has increased because of the use of custom bras.
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