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by:LADYMATE     2022-01-23
As a modern urban woman, the matching of fashionable underwear and outerwear is equally important, because wearing the wrong underwear will not only embarrass you, but also make people doubt your taste. The following is the correct way for custom underwear manufacturers to wear underwear: 1. Low collar: You can choose the design of spun yarn on the outer cover of the ordinary cup, which completely covers the entire chest and is full of fashion at the same time. 2. Evening dress: You can choose underwear without straps. In order to ensure that the underwear will not slip, please choose a bra with a wide side style, or use a transparent shoulder strap instead of the underwear strap. If it is a big open evening dress, you can choose the silicon invisible bra made by Shantou Underwear Factory. 3. Sports clothing: sports underwear should be worn, which can protect the chest during women's exercise, and has the functions of anti-vibration and sweat absorption without hindering the movement of special underwear. Sports underwear is generally elastic, which facilitates the flexion and extension of the limbs. 4. Cotton clothing: If the cotton clothing is too light or too close, please choose an OEM with a similar color to the jacket, so that you will not feel embarrassed by printing the outline or color of the underwear on the clothes.
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