How much do you know about the underwear matching of the underwear manufacturer?

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-11
As a modern urban woman, the matching of fashionable underwear and outerwear is equally important, because wearing the wrong underwear will not only embarrass you, but also make people doubt your taste. Below, let us learn the correct way to wear underwear together with the custom underwear manufacturers: 1. Low-necked dress: You can choose to cover the ordinary cup with a layer of tulle design, which can completely cover the whole chest and full of fashion sense. 2. Evening dress: You can choose underwear without straps. In order to ensure that the bra does not slip off, please choose a wide-brimmed bra, or use a transparent strap instead of the underwear strap. For pajamas with a wide back, you can choose a silicone invisible bra. 3. Sportswear: Sports underwear should be worn, so that it can protect the chest when women exercise, and will not interfere with exercise. It has anti-vibration and sweat absorption functions. Sports bras are usually elastic and easy to bend and stretch. 4. Pure cotton clothes: If pure cotton clothes are too thin, too thin, or too close to the skin, please choose non-marking underwear with a color similar to the outerwear, so as not to be embarrassed because the contour or color of the underwear is printed on the clothes.
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