How much do you know about the reasons for private customization of underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-07
The main reason for the private customization of underwear is that the underwear you wear does not match your breast shape. The main function of underwear is to protect the health of breasts, while underwear that does not conform to the breast shape will have a certain impact on women's physical and mental health. The reasons for the discrepancy are: 1. Flat-chested and thin people, this situation is mainly the size below 70A, it is difficult to buy or some stores do not have it. When customizing, you can choose the triangle cup, the mold cup, the quilted style, the half thick cup, and the three-quarter thick cup. With adjustment, sexy, super gathering and adjustment functions, it can better dress and match. 2. High-end customization, some Victoria's Secret Angels wear, I also want to follow the trend, this time private custom underwear manufacturers can help everyone, the similarity can reach 90%. 3. Special customization, you need to wear special clothes, such as cosplay type clothes. 4. Avoid running out. Customization can perfectly match with your own clothes and show your perfect body shape. 5. Too big breasts are not easy to buy, mainly for people with large breasts and fat breasts. The starting point for customization is to customize the size of a g cup or more. The cup type can be selected: triangle cup, molded cup and quilted. It has the functions of adjustment, sexy, ultra-thin and breast reduction. It can completely release the oppression brought by the chest, and make a higher dressing match.
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