How much do you know about the reasons for private customization of underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-22
The main reason for the private customization of underwear is that the underwear you wear does not match the shape of your breasts. The main influence of underwear on women's physical and mental health is not necessarily caused by underwear. The reasons for the difference are as follows: 1. Flat-chested and thin people: This situation is mainly the size below 70A, which is not easy to buy or some stores do not. Triangle cups, mold cups, quilted cups, semi-thick cups, and three-quarter-thick cups can be customized. With adjustment, sexy, super gathering and adjustment functions, it can better match clothes. 2. High-end customization: Some clothes worn by virgin angels want to follow suit. At this time, private underwear manufacturers can help you, and the similarity can reach 90%. 3. Special customization: You need to wear special clothes, such as Cosplay clothes. 4. Avoid loosing customization and perfect customization of your clothes to show your perfect figure. 5. If the bust is too big, it is not easy to buy: mainly for people with big breasts and fat breasts. The starting point for customization is to customize the size of the G cup or above. The cup type can choose triangle cup, mold cup, cotton clip. It has the functions of adjusting, sexy, ultra-thin, and shrinking the chest. It can completely release the pressure on the chest and improve the matching of clothing.
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