How much do you know about bra maintenance skills?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-13
​ How much do you know about bra maintenance skills?​ 1. Storage of bras: When storing bras, do not crowd them into a ball, but carefully stack them according to the original shape to maintain the quality of bras. The shape of bras is special and difficult to fold. Follow the steps below: (1) There are steel rings Bra folding sequence: a, fold the bra in half; b, close the shoulder straps; c, fold the shoulder straps. (2) The order of bra folding: a. Fasten the bra; b. fold the shoulder straps down; c. fold the bra in half again. 2. Maintenance of the bra: (1) Clean first. Dirt in the bra is not only unsanitary, but also affects the ventilation, moisture absorption, heat preservation and softness of the bra, thereby compromising the material and function. (2) Wearing is careful. Bras are generally soft and thin, so don’t use too much force when wearing and taking them off. Pay attention to rings or nails and other hard things that can damage fibers. (3) Store properly. a. Bras should be stored separately from general clothes, and it is ideal to put them in a special wardrobe for underwear. Be careful not to squeeze to prevent deformation. b. Be sure to dry the bra completely before you can save it. Moisture on clothing can cause discoloration, stringing and mildew. c. Avoid placing bras with 'sanitary pills' and 'mothballs', otherwise the fabric and elastic will lose their elasticity. d. Fold and store carefully. (4) If long-term storage is required. a. Seasonal underwear should be cleaned and stored in a ventilated place. b. Minimize the use of sealed plastic bags to store bras, because long-term sealing is easy to cause mildew. c. Silk bras should not be placed with insect repellents, and wool bras should not be wet, so be careful with the use of insect repellants and desiccants when storing bras.
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