How many times do you know about the time when you can't wear underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-18
Breasts must be cared for, and must be cared for. The underwear material that touches the chest for a long time must be unique, the style must be main, and the time period of clothing should be paid more attention to. The time period when underwear is not allowed, how many do you know? The unclear young lady and Ladymate clothing-Bodysuit manufacturers take a look together: 1. Sleeping time is a part of internal organs, and the breasts are covered with many fine lymph node capillaries. The wearing of underwear promotes the long-term location of Shuangfeng. A relative squeeze situation is very unfavorable to the physical and mental health and growth of the breasts, and it will continue to increase the possibility of breast hyperplasia. 2. In the bathroom, can the fairy wear underwear immediately after getting up in the morning? Because in the strict practical sense, the morning is a suitable time for the secondary growth and development of breasts. Wearing underwear in the bathroom will leave your breasts in a certain period of time. The aspect ratio of an indoor space restricts your swallowing and spitting of mouthwash, blocking your body shape, which can be described as harmful and unprofitable. 3. Body-building underwear manufacturers during rest-everyone knows that fixing the body in an indoor space is very self-respectful, then understand that after a certain stage of concentration, the body must get a certain release of pressure, so why not release it What about the twin peaks that have been suppressed for a long time? After a certain period of rest and recuperation, the interest rate of secondary breast development will be higher.
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