How do you judge that your underwear is inappropriate? What are the characteristics?

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-10
Underwear is a close-fitting item for women, which is in close contact with the female body. However, most women still wear inappropriate underwear. Wearing inappropriate underwear for a long time will not only make the breasts look bad, but also affect the health of the breasts. Do you know the characteristics of inappropriate underwear? Let’s take a look with the editor today to see the obvious characteristics of inappropriate underwear! It’s the so-called suitability to wear. Underwear is the same as clothes. You need to try on to know whether it’s suitable. When trying on underwear, if the breasts don’t fill the cup or press the cup, it’s obvious that the underwear is not suitable. Characteristics. Breasts can’t fill the cup, and the upper part of the cup is often empty. When the cup is pressed, the cup can’t cover the breast, and the phenomenon of 'breast bursting' will occur. The breast is cut in half. If the cup is suitable, it should fit the contour of the breast. Do not empty the cup or press the chest. Then when trying on it, you should pay attention to the bottom circumference of the underwear. If the bottom circumference of the underwear moves up or the bottom circumference is too tight, it is an inappropriate feature. The bottom of the underwear is too large or the shoulder straps are adjusted too short. There is no problem when you just wear it. The bottom of the arm will move up; underwear with a small bottom, the bottom of the breast and the back may have strangulations and even affect breathing. It shows that the bottom circumference is too tight. The tightness of the bottom of the underwear is moderate (you can accept it), the bottom of the bottom is basically maintained at a uniform horizontal line, and the underwear will not be blurred when turning around and raising the arm. Most underwear has steel rims. When trying on, the rim arc is too small or the rim arc is too large. This kind of underwear is not suitable. If there are obvious marks on the breasts, the rim of the underwear is too small. Over time, it will aggravate the problem of auxiliary breasts; the curvature of the underwire of the underwear is too large, and the curvature of the underwire does not fit the contour of the breast, resulting in the lack of better support and protection of the breast.
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