How do brand underwear OEMs create their own O2O model

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-07
With the rapid development of the Internet, most of the brand underwear foundries have started e-commerce network marketing. But more women's underwear OEM manufacturers just follow the venture and invest in some platforms to sell spot goods. For underwear manufacturers, the biggest advantage is the production capacity, so the real hope is to find customers who need underwear OEM processing through the Internet. Can you create an exclusive online and offline combination model through Internet tools? The answer is yes. This is also the O2O model we often talk about, so how can women's underwear OEM manufacturers create their own exclusive O2O model? To put it simply, this model is online marketing and offline transaction; or online transaction and offline promotion. For women's underwear OEM manufacturers, it is more suitable to do offline marketing and promotion, and integrate the factory's production capacity, research and development capabilities, scale strength, and production and processing of women's underwear product styles, advantages, unique selling points, etc. through Internet tools Promote it out, so that customers who are looking for women's underwear OEM OEM processing can easily find you on the Internet, and then follow up through the communication with online customer service staff, and follow up with traditional salespersons, and then customers come to the adjusted underwear factory to meet and negotiate. make a deal. So if you want to do these things well, you must first analyze your customers and make sure who your target customers are? For women's underwear OEM manufacturers, the first priority for customers is naturally those who have underwear processing needs. They want to find the manufacturer's distributors, wholesalers, foreign traders, etc. So what points will such customers pay attention to when looking for women's underwear OEM manufacturers? For example, the scale and strength of the factory, the qualification certificate, whether the similar styles requested by the customer have been processed, and whether the country and region where the customer has been exported. After sorting out the points of concern of these target customers, then list the key points and plan separately. Through different display methods, text, pictures, videos, etc., these content will be displayed in the places where customers will pay attention. Through step-by-step guidance, communication Arouse the interest of customers and promote online inquiries from customers. The online customer service of the foreign trade underwear factory will further communicate with the customer, understand some other concerns of the customer, get the customer's contact information, and then the factory's traditional sales staff will follow up and meet with the customer to facilitate the transaction. In addition, women's underwear OEM manufacturers can use another method, which is to make products that will surprise customers in advance, and continue to sell them offline and offline. The popularity is already high, so there will be some wholesalers, buyers and customers will find manufacturers through the products, and also through the products, first understand some of the underwear manufacturers, and then follow up through communication to promote transactions. Therefore, for shapewear manufacturers to create their own exclusive O2O model, they must re-recognize the organic combination of online and offline to produce excellent products and provide quality services. Promote your own factories and products through the Internet, and naturally you can easily win the trust of customers!
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