How can I recover from sagging breasts?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-30
The sagging breasts that make people 'distracted' can be improved by doing so! The first two things girls do when they go home: first, take off their underwear, and second, lie down on the sofa. However, there are a small number of girls who, for some reason, will not take off their underwear even if they are uncomfortable: fear of sagging breasts! So the question is, how to improve sagging breasts? Is it useful to wear underwear all the time? 1. How to improve sagging breasts? The key factors for sagging breasts are age and gravity. With age, the fat in the breasts gradually loses, the breast glands shrink, the breast suspensory ligament loses elasticity, and the breasts gradually sag and relax under the influence of gravity. Wearing the right underwear can alleviate the tendency of sagging breasts. Whether it is a big breast or a small breast, sagging breasts will appear, and underwear can provide extra support for the breasts and reduce the discomfort caused by the feeling of falling breasts. 2. How to relieve the speed of sagging chest? ① Cover the chest with both hands, draw a circle clockwise with the nipple as the center, and repeat the movement counterclockwise. You can exercise your chest muscles and suspensory ligaments for 5 minutes a day. ②, kneeling push-ups. The action is basically the same as the push-ups, but the knees are in a kneeling position, the calves are slightly raised, and the arms are slightly wider than the shoulders. Practice 3-4 sets, 8-15 times per set. This set of actions can strengthen the chest muscles and enhance the toughness of the breast suspensory ligament. ③, lose weight. As the chest becomes smaller, the degree of sagging will naturally decrease. But do you want to lose weight? Still want big breasts? 3. Do I need to wear underwear at night? It is recommended to wear if the breasts are full. It is recommended to wear small breasts for comfortable sleeping with naked breasts. It is recommended to wear underwear with steel rings. It is not recommended to wear underwear that is too tight to sleep. Choose comfortable and breathable natural fabric maintenance underwear
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