How can an underwear foreign trade company find a powerful underwear processing factory online?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-29
In China, there are many foreign trade companies specializing in underwear trade, especially underwear. With the poor management of many underwear processing manufacturers in the past two years, many customers who are underwear foreign trade companies have to find processing manufacturers again. Then underwear foreign trade companies How to quickly find a powerful processing manufacturer? In the previous article [Underwear Factory] Walmart customer found Ladymate Knitting and shared a customer. In fact, this customer is a relatively large foreign trade company with a wide range of foreign trade business areas. In the past two days, he has been calling and WeChat. Knowing the actual situation of our Ladymate Knitting Underwear Factory, the problems that the department has come to are getting more and more detailed. From the beginning, let us Ladymate Knitting fill out the various contents of the form, such as the establishment time, area, and personnel of our underwear processing factory. , the number of machines, the daily production capacity, etc. Today, I asked about more finer things, such as the size range of the knitting machine in our underwear processing factory, and how many machines there are. Combining the points asked and concerned by customers of this underwear foreign trade company, we can learn some points: 1. The purpose must be clear! The underwear foreign trade company must first get a customer order, analyze and understand the customer's order volume, strength, requirements, target price, etc., and then find the corresponding underwear processing manufacturer according to the customer's requirements. The most direct and fast way is to search online. After a search, if you are looking for a powerful underwear processing factory, now it is“In the era of Internet +, powerful underwear processing factories will definitely recognize the network again, so it is also very convenient. 2. Make more comparisons and communicate in-depth understanding. I found several underwear processing factories on the Internet to gain an in-depth understanding through more comparisons. Generally, professional underwear processing factories will reflect their own strength in pictures and texts. Just like this Walmart OEM customer, he just has a batch of Walmart underwear orders and is looking for underwear processing factories. He saw the information released by our Ladymate Knitting. Speaking of working for Wal-Mart. This saves him a lot of unnecessary trouble. Therefore, after the relevant personnel of the underwear foreign trade company found the underwear processing factory, they should ask more to see if the underwear processing factory has also cooperated with some famous brands. If they have cooperated, it means that this underwear processing factory must be powerful , which can allow underwear processing factories to provide corresponding qualification certificates, factory inspection certificates, etc. Understand the information you want to know clearly, and at the same time, in the process of communication, you can also further understand that this underwear processing factory has service capabilities. 2. It is necessary to visit the underwear processing factory on the spot. Whether it is a foreign trade order or a domestic sale, looking for an underwear processing factory to cooperate, after the online inspection is completed, you must go to the factory for on-site inspection and negotiation to confirm whether the customer service personnel and the online situation are true, and you can also look at the actual production capacity of the underwear processing factory. How can an underwear foreign trade company find a real underwear processing factory online? I believe that the sharing of Ladymate Knitting Underwear Factory today will be helpful to you! If you are looking for a powerful underwear processing manufacturer, you are also welcome to learn about our Ladymate Knitting, a manufacturer specializing in custom underwear processing for 17 years, worthy of your trust! ( ) --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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