How about underwear fabrics?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-07
What about underwear fabrics? What age is suitable for people to wear? Nowadays, there are a dazzling array of underwear brands on the market. Customers can choose and buy different styles. There is nothing you can think of. It is all-encompassing. Ladymate underwear manufacturers will focus on introducing underwear. Let's take a look at this underwear. Is it suitable for you, can it meet your requirements?  What is underwear? The so-called'underwear' is basically a one-time forming underwear produced by weft knitting using novel special equipment. It uses high-tech technology to produce high-elastic knitted outerwear, underwear and high-elastic sportswear to make the neck, waist, There is no need for seams such as hips, and only the patching process is required in the crotch area as a subsequent process. It combines comfort, care, fashion, and change into one, not only making customers love it, but also deeply moving many world-renowned brand designers and becoming the source of their creativity. How about    underwear fabrics?  The fabric composition is generally: the ground yarn is nylon. Cotton or other natural fibers, the veil is elastic yarn; close-fitting: unique design, comfortable to wear and no trace, care for the skin; body shaping: breast support, waist slim, hip lift, straight back and other functions; moisture and breathability: 100% cotton The fabric is sweat-absorbent and breathable, keeping the skin dry and comfortable; fashionable and beautiful: the shape is compact and elegant, and the appearance is simple and elegant.   What age is suitable for underwear?  This kind of underwear is made of cotton, nylon and other materials with Lycra fiber fabric, which can be partially hollowed and has unique elastic fibers. It is very sweat-absorbing and breathable, silky, comfortable and close-fitting, suitable for women of all ages. The clothes have no seams at the waist ends, the neck is also without seams in the entire circle, and there is no seams on the sides of the underwear. According to the design and development of panties, the prevailing trend today is to deploy low-waist culottes and fashionable panties with no traces on the back buttocks. Fashionable underwear raises the buttocks, modifies the buttocks curve, and naturally lifts the buttocks to show the exaggerated buttocks.
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