Have you tested all the top 5 test points for buying underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-12-08
Needless to say, the importance of underwear to women is naturally unnecessary. A good underwear can make your body shape better and have smoother lines. How to test whether an underwear is suitable for you? Foshan Boxin Clothing-Underwear custom manufacturer shares:   1, buckle test The buckle should be horizontally aligned with the shoulder blade, and be firm and comfortable. The standard is that the tightness between the back and the buckle is just a finger, eye When looking down, there is no gap between the underwear and the skin.  2, cup test    If your breasts protrude from the top of the cup or overflow both sides, it means that the cup is too small. If the cup cannot be supported or is wrinkled, it means it is too big. 3. The shoulder strap test looks at the distance between the shoulder and the chest. The greater the distance, the less the adjustment. It is not that the tighter the shoulder straps, the more protruding the chest. If you tighten your shoulder straps more than half, then you have no choice. To underwear.  4. Outerwear test   Wear a tight and comfortable T-shirt outside the bra and observe the effect after you put on the T-shirt. You can see in the mirror whether your side lines are satisfactory.  5. Movement test   Randomly stretch both arms to see if it is comfortable.
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