Function classification of body shaping underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-04
Girls are born with the pursuit of beauty, no matter how good they are in order to have a better body. In order to better decorate the body, some girls wear thick shapewear, and they are afraid to eat more meals; there are also some girls who choose body shaping underwear to better lose weight... Girls, do you really master shapewear? Let’s look at Ladymate Apparel-shapewear, OEM underwear, high-end Bodysuit production and processing manufacturers and everyone chat: the function of body shaping clothes: mainly to help women correct poor habits, improve and decorate the body. Such as leaning forward neck, sagging breasts, prominent abdominal cavity, thick waist, big buttocks, flat buttocks, thick thighs... Attention is an improvement, not a change. Body sculpting underwear functional classification: 1. Waist closure: the uniform body shape is determined by the abdomen curve, the design of the corset can produce the body curve, stretch the waist, and manipulate the accumulation of body fat in the stomach and abdomen. 2. Short leg bundle Pants: improve the buttocks, produce plump buttocks, suppress the protrusion of the lower abdomen 3. Long leg trousers: In addition to the function of the short leg trousers, there is also a function to collect the flesh of the thigh and decorate the curve from the buttocks to the thighs 4. One-piece shapewear: It is reliable to wear and not easy to loosen. From the chest to the buttocks, the garment wraps up. In addition to the curve diagrams of the various positions of the sculptures, it is also possible to avoid forward leaning of the neck and correct the posture. Compressive strength can be divided into three types: according to the compressive strength, it can be divided into light, medium and small, and medium and heavy. : If you wear shapewear often, choose from comfort and physical and mental health. It is recommended to choose light or medium and small shape. Medium and heavy shapewear should only be used in the short term. In choosing the functional compressive strength, everyone should choose according to their own human body's ability to withstand, and it is not that the more medium and heavy ones, the higher.
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