Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Bras

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-20
Shantou Ladymate Underwear Co., Ltd. provides you with free information releases and information displays of Shantou underwear manufacturers, Shantou sportswear manufacturers, and Shantou bra manufacturers, so stay tuned! Sports underwear, also called sports bra, is a functional sports underwear designed specifically for the characteristics of female users during exercise. It has the advantages of simplicity, ventilation and good comfort. It is very suitable for women to stretch and support. It is better to maintain chest safety during exercise to meet the daily exercise needs of female customers. The following bra manufacturers talk about answers to frequently asked questions about sports bras. 1. Is a sports bra okay? This answer needs to be analyzed from different perspectives. If from a functional point of view, a sports bra is a specially planned one that is convenient for women to engage in various sports activities, or wear underwear during fitness and yoga to maintain the effect of breasts , It has the function of anti-sensation and sweat absorption. On the one hand, it can fix the chest to prevent excessive sensation from affecting the beauty and embarrassment, and it can prevent the chest from obstructing movement. From the perspective of appearance, sports bras are stronger than ordinary bra materials, which greatly reduce the movement of the chest during exercise, so some female users will have certain discomfort when wearing them. It is recommended to be able to choose a sports bra without rims, and the comfort will be much better.   2. Can a sports bra be worn normally    can be worn but long-term wear is not recommended. Sports bras are generally worn on sports occasions, and other sports bras also need to be washed and changed frequently to prevent sweat from entering the underwear and harming the fabric and shortening the life of the underwear. Other sports bras focus on sports functions in planning, so in terms of body shaping, they are not as good as close-up underwear or shapewear that can show the beauty of women's curves. Therefore, whether it is to wear a sports bra as an outer garment or allocate a jacket as an underwear, it is not suitable to wear it all the time.  3. How to choose a sports bra    This requires cooperation with different exercise intensities to choose different sports bras. Because the impact and flexibility of participating in different sports are different, low-intensity sports such as fitness, yoga, and walking, and high-intensity sports such as running, tennis, football, etc. must consider the different stress conditions of the shoulders, and the pressure of the bra on the chest. And other factors. Consider choosing shoulder straps and back buckles of different materials and widths, so when choosing a sports bra, we not only look at its beautiful appearance, but more importantly, its maintenance effect on our body. Therefore, when you buy a sports bra, try it on first, so that you can choose a sports underwear that fits. A sports bra that is too large or too wide will not have the proper maintenance effect, and a sports bra that is too tight or too small will compress On the chest, severe long-term wear may cause poor blood circulation and endanger physical health. 4. Other precautions for sports bras. Sweating during exercise cannot be prevented, and sweat soaks through underwear is not beautiful and affects the performance of sports. Therefore, the main feature of sports bras is to absorb sweat, breathe, dehumidify, and deodorize, so choose exercise The fabric used for bras is mainly cotton. Generally speaking, sports underwear has better elasticity, which is conducive to the movement of the body's limbs.
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