Four signals to remind you that you need to change your underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-27
1. Shoulder straps slip off. First of all, shoulder straps slip off. This is the first feature of underwear to expire. Many people disagree. They always think that the fixed shoulder straps are loose, and then adjust and continue to wear them. In fact, this is the underwear. Reminder, at this time, you should pay attention to the shortening of your underwear's lifespan. It can no longer support your body, and is even affecting your body, so wear it a few more times and throw it away! 2. Underwear deformation. Many people may not see the problem of underwear deformation. In fact, as long as the clothes are exposed to water, they will basically start to deform. Generally, you will feel loose when wearing them, and you will not be able to fix your chest shape, and there are signs of deviation. This shows that the underwear is deformed. If you have been using it, you may have sagging or loose breasts, which is often not conducive to breast development, so don't save this little money, be nice to yourself! 3. Empty cup of underwear. I believe that many people have such an embarrassment when buying underwear. It is especially suitable for their breast shape when they just bought it. But after wearing it for a period of time, the cup suddenly becomes empty. Is this shrinking? This is not the case. If your underwear has such a problem, you should pay attention to it. Maybe your underwear should be eliminated. The empty cup of underwear means that because of frequent washing and friction, it has begun to deform, causing the cup to become larger. This has nothing to do with you, but you should start with new underwear. Wearing expired underwear for a long time is not conducive to breast development. 4. Strikes appearing After strangling underwear appears, not only does our body feel uncomfortable, but it may also cause our own blood to flow out and affect our health. So if your underwear has caused you to have strangulation, throw it away no matter how expensive it is!
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