Four misconceptions about wearing shapewear

by:LADYMATE     2022-07-27
The tighter it is, the better the effect. (×) Many people think that a tighter shapewear will be more effective. In fact, no, what clothes to wear only fit is the best. Otherwise, you must ask a professional esthetician to design a dressing plan on your behalf. Correct approach Everyone's body defects are different, and the causes and characteristics of these imperfect curves are also different. Therefore, wearing shapewear should also be tailored to the symptoms and fit. If the bra is too tight, the breasts will be deformed, the upper body will be difficult to breathe, and even cause 'green blood disease'. Picture 2 Being strangled by shapewear is normal. (×) Do women who wear shapewear feel this way: After wearing corsets, they often feel a lot of pain in the waist, especially when sitting. The right way to do it is that the pain in the lower back should never happen, and it is likely that the shapewear you bought is a size smaller. So, again, the fit is the best. Picture 3 I'm young and in good shape, so I don't need to wear shapewear. (×) The women who need to wear body shapers when they are properly done are mainly: women who need to restore their figure after giving birth, women with poor body shape, such as girls with flat chests, sagging hips, or girls with thick legs, can wear shapewear. But it should be noted that after the age of 25, women will have a trend of aging, and the breasts will also tend to sag. At this time, you can wear shapewear to delay the sagging of the breasts and the problem of body shape loss! Picture 4 The upper abdomen feels very tight after eating because the shapewear is too small. (×) After some women wear shapewear, they will feel that their upper abdomen is very tight after eating a full meal, especially after drinking soda. Is this because the shapewear is too small? The right reason is not necessarily because shapewear is small. In fact, wearing shapewear is mainly to remind you to control your appetite, and the restraint at the waist can prevent you from eating too much at each meal, and 8 points of fullness should be the limit. Once you eat too much, you will feel tight in the upper abdomen.
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