Four major misunderstandings in the use of underwear, easy to harm and private parts

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-27
 We often fail to pay attention to some small details in our lives, causing various diseases of the body. In fact, these unnecessary troubles can be avoided. Misunderstanding. The Shantou Ladymate underwear custom manufacturer shares: Misunderstanding 1: Wear tight nylon underwear better to wear tight nylon underwear, poor air permeability, sweat can not evaporate in time, plus vaginal secretions, etc., mixed together, it creates the breeding of bacteria Under excellent conditions, it causes erosion and infection of the perineum. Should choose better breathable cotton underwear, pay attention to the cleanliness of the underwear. Misunderstanding 2: It doesn’t matter if underwear is dry in the countryside. In the countryside, some women still have conservative thinking and wash their underwear, especially when there are yellow marks on the underwear that can’t be washed off. For fear of being seen by others, put it to dry in the dark of your own room. Since it is not disinfected by ultraviolet rays in the sun, it is inevitable that there will be germs remaining. Wearing such underwear, it is reasonable to get vaginitis repeatedly.   Misunderstanding 3: It doesn’t matter whether it’s before and after wearing it.    Stool is not sterile. The underwear close to the anus will inevitably be stained with bacteria and viruses. If you wear underwear before and after, it will inevitably increase the chance of female reproductive tract and urinary tract infections.  Misunderstanding 4: Wash all clothes together  Underwear and underwear should be washed separately from other clothes, and your own underwear should be washed by yourself, so as to avoid the mutual spread of diseases. Once you find yourself suffering from urinary tract and reproductive tract diseases, you should actively disinfect your clothes while actively treating them to avoid spreading them to your family.
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