Five-point guide to teach you to choose the right body shaping underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-08-29
When buying and choosing shapewear, you must first pay attention to its material, because the material determines the quality of the wear, and secondly, it focuses on the comfort and elasticity of the tailoring and other types of hard indicators. 1. Body-sculpting underwear is generally worn inside clothes and pants, so it must be soft, comfortable, breathable, and strong in sweating. Therefore, when buying the right one, be sure to understand the material of the body-sculpting clothes to prevent irritation to the skin. 2. Compared with tailored high-quality shapewear, the stretchability is very good. It can slant and cultivate the body like a shadow. It has a thin waist, a flat abdomen, and a head up and chest. The general standard is to keep the body fat in a suitable position. High-quality adjusting underwear will take into account the processing technology of memory alloy to increase the time for adjusting underwear wearing as much as possible. After wearing for a period of time and getting better and better, it will automatically re-'design plan' after appropriate changes The number of yards that looks like. 3. Strictly speaking than elasticity, adjusting underwear is knitted out. Only hand-knitting can make the raw materials more flexible. In addition to elasticity, it is also stipulated that it has very good resilience and is not easy to deform. But you don’t have to choose the kind of shapewear that is too elastic. To achieve a good slimming effect, the shapewear must have a stable size, so you should first grasp it first before buying to see its recovery rate. When buying, you can pull it with your hands to feel the malleability and stretch recovery level of the product. 4. Choose clothes and pants with better breathability than the breathability. Long-term use of shapewear with poor air permeability will prevent the skin from inhaling if it is tightly attached to the body, which is very easy to cause dermatitis, and even the skin is not smooth. 5. Look at the product label When buying Bodysuit, you must look at the product label to inquire about the chemical fiber composition and composition, model specifications, product implementation standards, etc. Special reminder to check whether the logo is marked with 'in compliance with the testing standards: GB18401-2003 ('National Textile Product Basic Safety Technical Code' standard number)' or 'B product' and other key signs. TIPS: The basic principles of ergonomics will be taken into account when designing high-quality Bodysuit. The design is based on the golden ratio of human bones. Long-term wear can adjust to a good body shape in accordance with the golden ratio. There are various styles of Bodysuit, and their functions are also different. Be sure to try on clothes when you buy them.
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