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by:LADYMATE     2022-08-09
As more and more underwear processing factories enter the Internet field, it is more direct and convenient for customers to find underwear processing factories. Just search the Internet and compare several underwear processing factories to get a general idea. However, underwear processing factories often encounter such problems when receiving offline customers. Many customers will ask about the price, send a picture, and then ask for a quotation, and they seem to only care about the price. Underwear processing. The cost of underwear generally includes: yarn, accessories, single-piece loss, dyeing, processing fees, and factory profits. So usually, the accurate quotation for a piece of underwear processing requires detailed accounting after proofing by the underwear processing factory, so that the accurate price can be obtained. Therefore, for many customers who send a picture directly online, Ladymate Knitting usually recommends customers to send samples, or take samples to the factory to meet and negotiate. If we happen to have similar styles, we will also tell customers about our similar styles. What is the price of underwear, let customers have a heart to prepare. In fact, regarding the quotation of underwear processing, we should also pay attention to the difference between two cooperation methods, one is processing with supplied materials, and the other is the method of contracting labor and materials. Especially for underwear, the processing of underwear is directly from yarn to finished clothes. With the development of science and technology in recent years, more and more new materials have been developed. In many cases, customers will provide raw material yarn and underwear processing. The factory is only responsible for completing the processing, so the underwear processing factory will be relatively cautious in the quotation at this time. It must be tested by the yarn, and the sample can only be quoted after knowing the loss rate. In the process of subsequent cooperation in processing underwear, the factory will not take any risk. You only need to process underwear on behalf of others; another method of cooperation is a method commonly used by underwear processing factories to contract labor and materials, and customers can provide sample styles or choose styles from underwear processing factories, and the factory is responsible for a full set of raw materials. It is enough to purchase and process to produce finished clothes. Relatively speaking, the customer is more convenient, the underwear processing factory bears more risks, and the profit is relatively higher, because many material factories purchase bulk purchases, which may not be used up this time. Next time It will also be used in other above. In addition, when customers are looking for underwear processing factories, they should also have a general understanding of the processing profits of the entire industry. Take the processing of underwear as an example, because the processing of underwear is mainly knitted directly from yarn money into finished samples by knitting machines, so at present, the profit of underwear processing in the whole industry is not very high, which is generally about 15-20%. The volume also tends to be more miniaturized. Like our Ladymate knitting general quotation, the boss is directly responsible for this, because we are a manufacturer specializing in underwear processing for 17 years, standardized management, assembly line production, looking for underwear processing factories to cooperate with Ladymate knitting, so that you have zero risk, save trouble and worry. ! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting Contribution Copyright (Ladymate Knitting)
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