Fashion underwear manufacturers tell you the common sense of underwear and the harm of wearing underwear incorrectly? ? ?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-21
​ Fashion underwear manufacturers tell you the common sense of underwear. Do you know the common sense of underwear? Let's find out with me below! ! What are the dangers of wearing underwear incorrectly? Ladymate clothing gives you careful care. Many women do not know whether their underwear is worn correctly, nor do they know the harm of wearing inappropriate underwear for a long time. The chest is the soft part of the female body, so we need more careful care. Today, let's take a look at the underwear with the Ladymate clothing editor. What's the harm in wearing it incorrectly, let's avoid wearing the wrong underwear together! It is said that wearing underwear incorrectly will affect breast health. In fact, it is true. Inappropriate underwear will compress breast tissue, affect the circulation of breast tissue, affect the circulation of the lymphatic system, and cause hidden dangers of hyperplasia. Some women choose tighter underwear in order to gather together. The chest is too tight for a long time, and the blood flow is not smooth, which will cause local blood stasis, which will inevitably cause damage to the breast. If the underwear is not worn correctly, there will be shoulder pain. This is mainly because the shoulder strap is too short or too tight, or the shoulder strap is not elastic enough, and the length of the shoulder strap is not adjusted properly. If the material of the shoulder strap is not selected properly, the consequences will be serious and shoulder pain , skin abrasion is possible. Therefore, the shoulder straps of the underwear should not be too tight or too loose, and can be adjusted to a suitable position. Is the texture of underwear important? The essence of underwear is to be inclusive, so that it can effectively support the breasts and buttocks. Whether the underwear has this characteristic or not will involve the materials that make up the underwear and the way the materials are structured. We can see that about 80% of the underwear sold in the underwear counter is made of knitted fabrics, and the rest are lace-like, mesh-like and other organizational structures. Knitted underwear, whether it is silk, cotton, chemical fiber, or blended, has a strong stretch force. Among these fabrics, knitted cotton fabrics are elastic and durable. How to wear newly bought underwear Wearing new underwear without washing is not good for your health. This is because a variety of chemical additives are often used in the production process of clothing for aesthetics. For example, for shrinkage prevention, formaldehyde resin is used; for whitening, fluorescent whitening agent is used; for stiffness, general sizing treatment is used. In order to ensure health, the newly purchased underwear should be washed with clean water before wearing it. What are the rules for wearing underwear? During normal work, because you often have to move, choose a comfortable and soft standard bra. This wrap-up, underwired bra can be used for any type of bust. The life of the bra is the edge under the cup. If this edge is loose, it will destroy the curve of the chest, so you should pay more attention. The above is the relevant information collected by the fashion underwear manufacturer Ladymate clothing editor, I hope to help you! ! ! !
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