Fashion underwear customization pay attention to those points

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-21
​ Pay attention to the points of fashion underwear customization 1) Curling problem In fact, we all know that many ordinary shapewear will have curling problems, and it is easy to cause pain and redness during wearing, and it will also lead to uneven fat. If you judge whether there is a curling problem in the shapewear? After we put it on, we can repeat the squat or raise the hand several times, and the range of motion must be played, so as to test whether the shapewear is curled or not!​ 2) Tightening problem In fact, tighter shapewear is not good, it is easy to cause excessive pressure on the body, not only easy to produce streaks, but also may cause the blood to not flow, causing breathing discomfort. A good shapewear can have the effect of being tight but not strangling. It can put pressure on the whole body evenly, and can restrain fat. It is recommended to choose polymer fabrics. Comfortable. 3) Ventilation problem: Shapewear is generally intimate underwear, so the effect of ventilation and moisture removal must be good, especially in summer if the breathability of the fabric is very poor, it is really difficult to wear on the body, and it will also cause some skin diseases. For fabrics, be sure to choose polymer fabrics, preferably carved grease-locking fabrics, which have good air permeability and are very comfortable to wear in summer! 4) Cut to fit the human body curve Be sure to choose one that fits the human body curve, because if not, it may cause excessive pressure and make it uncomfortable to wear. If the cut is unreasonable, it will only make the figure worse! 5) Other problems The chest should be designed with a supporting force, instead of applying the elasticity of the shapewear to the chest, which will lead to the deformation of the chest shape. The buttocks can improve the hip line and improve the flat mother's buttocks. For sisters who wear body carving clothes for the first time, they can choose a body shaper that is one size larger than the usual size of clothes, which can give the body a process of adaptation.
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