Fashion trend of sportswear in Ladymate underwear factory-function + comfort

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-20
Whether it's the exercise caution revealed in the outfit, the Ladymate underwear factory or the trendy set of sports Look, the sports trend not only invades the window position of fast fashion stores, but also enters the 'shopping cart' of the general public. Comfortable and fashionable sportswear is not only a good partner in our sports, but also an intimate and comfortable escape from the busy during rest. Ladymate clothing has always adhered to the concept of health and comfort. Through the combination of new technology and new materials, such new technology is selectively given to the fabric to give the fabric a brand-new performance. Shenlat technology and Limax technology are the most used technologies for Ladymate clothing in sportswear. By adding these two technologies to the fabric, the performance of the fabric is changed. Stretching technology is more widely used in light sports apparel, such as yoga, mountain climbing, etc., and it is quite effective in body shaping. The suede surface material makes it more comfortable to stick to the skin. Limax is suitable for high-strength exercises. Its high-strength stretch and resilience can not only play a protective role during exercise, but also help the rapid formation of muscles.
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