Doing these 5 points will help you sell cheap women's underwear to a higher level

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-06
I heard such a story: The owner of a brand store specializing in women's underwear has been in business for a long time, and the business is always tepid. Not long ago, there was a women's underwear store opposite. Price reduction, come to field promotion to grab customers back first. As a result, you found that the women's underwear store opposite actually operated in reverse, not only decorated the store very luxuriously, but also gave women's underwear an inspirational brand story, and finally added an extra zero directly to the label of women's underwear. What's even more bizarre is that the price increase actually sells better than the price decrease. Why is this? Why is there less and less market for bargains? How can we also sell our affordable women's underwear to a higher level? First of all, people have already formed an inherent cognition: women's underwear is a close-fitting clothing, and it should not be sloppy. The higher the price of women's underwear products, the better the quality, and the more guaranteed the quality; high-end women's underwear has its own halo, compared with low-end women's underwear No one likes women's underwear products. Secondly, with the improvement of people's living standards, it is the key that everyone pays attention to dressing well. For the sake of face and image, people are no longer willing to choose some low-priced and low-end women's underwear products, and low-end women's underwear cannot be satisfied.“Show off the demand. Third, people have higher demands for experience and services when buying women's underwear products, and they are more willing to pay for experience and services. Therefore, if underwear manufacturers and underwear dealers still blindly stay in the unpleasant“cheap stuff,“Low-end goods are naturally not welcome. Some e-commerce companies may package and disguise high-end goods, but it has little effect. So what should you do to make your cheap ladies clothes more advanced? Ladymate, a manufacturer of underwear that has been knitted for 17 years, believes that it gives consumers a reasonable reason. 1. Raise the value of women's underwear and tell consumers: the cheap goods you buy are not low-end. In the case of ensuring quality, tell customers that your ladies underwear is not cheap, low-end goods through storytelling, packaging, professional model display, etc. This is a common method used by everyone. 2. Help consumers create an expert image and tell them: You buy cheap underwear for your ladies because you know what you are doing. The price of many high-priced women's underwear products is due to the influence of their brands, so many people are willing to pay for it. In fact, you can also tell consumers directly about their pain points.“Are you willing to pay more for a logo? ,“I bought it for less than two days, and I bumped into three of the same models, suggesting that consumers“Choose you to know what to do. 3. Help women's underwear consumers to find a sense of belonging and tell them: You buy cheap women's underwear because everyone has the same feelings. Each generation has its own collective childhood memories. As long as you can awaken everyone's memory, this is the unique feeling of women's underwear products. This is why many women's underwear styles have not changed for decades and are still popular with the public. 4. To consumers“Show off your capital and tell them: the cheap ladies underwear you buy is being bought by people taller than you. In psychology, there is a very interesting phenomenon. When you find that someone richer than you has bought a women's underwear product that you despise, then you will soon eliminate the psychological barrier and accept this women's underwear. product. For example: Fanke is not tall enough, a T-shirt of 29 yuan is a low thing to wear, but if even a literary idol like Han Han who is not bad starts to pursue parity and speak for Fanke, then When you wear it, it represents the same personality as Han Han, not the low-end goods of 29 yuan. 5. Give consumers the latest fashion experience and tell them: You buy cheap lingerie because you are more fashionable than others. If we can't be taller, then we will make our women's underwear products and experience more fashionable and cool to win the favor of young consumers. The times are constantly developing, the tastes of consumers are also constantly evolving, and people's demand for women's underwear has also undergone fundamental changes. The immutable brands are destined to be eliminated. We must continue to give our women's underwear new value and meaning , in order to occupy a place in the market. --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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