Does fitness lead to out-of-shape? Maybe it’s just not the right sports underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-21
The weather is getting hotter day by day, and the gym is getting more popular day by day (the reason does not need to be repeated in PC sauce, hahaha).  As a girl, there are definitely more details that need to be paid attention to in fitness than a boy. The basis of Z is to protect your body from being injured by different intensities of fitness exercises.   The breast is a relatively fragile part of the girls, and the breasts and exercise are inherently incompatible. Every girl who loves sports will experience it. Ordinary underwear may shake, pull, ache, and sag during exercise, but the breasts that girls are proud of have to be devastated during exercise.   Studies have shown that when girls exercise vigorously, the swing of their breasts is as high as 14cm, even for A-cup girls, it can reach 4cm, which can easily cause breast atrophy, or even strain the breast in severe cases!   So don’t neglect to protect it during exercise. The emergence of sports underwear has undoubtedly rescued thousands of girls who love sports and want to improve their body shape through sports.   Three advantages of sports underwear:   1. High support strength, and the chest is not easy to move.  2. The fabric is comfortable and breathable, and it is not stuffy and sweaty.  3. The shoulder strap is non-slip and stable, and it is not easy to fall off.     Don't underestimate a little sports underwear, the knowledge inside is great. A sports underwear is both practical and beautiful, and it can have a dazzling light even on the way home after exercise. The degree of motion vibration corresponding to different sports underwear is different.
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